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Clean-Up After the Spring Floods

Many states were hit with flooding this spring. Which leads to the question as how to best clean up one’s basement after the flood?

After the water/sewage has receded one should make certain to disconnect all electrical equipment. You should wear plastic disposable gloves and clothing that can be discarded after use. Use a soap and water solution to wash down concrete or tile floors and remove as much residue as possible. Rinse the walls and floors with clean water.

Fans and dehumidifiers can enhance the drying of all surfaces and help prevent mold and mildew growth. Remove and discard all wallboard and wooden baseboards and paneling that had gotten wet. The water they absorbed could accelerate the growth of mold and other detrimental microorganisms and could cause the material to become structurally unsound.

Non-porous materials, such as tools, toys and other household goods should be washed in soapy, hot water and rinsed thoroughly. Before reinstalling materials such as wall panels, carpeting and drywall make certain the surfaces are completely dry and mold and mildew free. In some circumstances, this process can take up to 30-days.

It should be noted that your standard homeowner’s policy does not provide flood coverage. However, one can purchase a flood policy far in advance of an impending flood.

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